The mission of EpiPredict is to train a multidisciplinary cohort of young researchers in a new approach to fully exploit the epigenetics of complex diseases. The 12 early-stage researchers (ESRs) will focus on a narrowly defined case, Tamoxifen-induced resistance in Estrogen Receptor positive (ER+) breast cancer, considering five interacting resistance pathways. Read more...

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The epigenome editors: How tools such as CRISPR offer new details about epigenetics in Nature Medicine


EpiPredict's Prof. Dr Marianne Rots (UMCG , NL) was interviewed for the feature story of August 2017 in Nature Medicine.

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Can you control your genes? Yes you can: With epigenetics!’ Second EpiPredict blog published in Medium


Two EpiPredict early stage researchers on epigenetics. Stefania Astrologo (ESR1, UvA, NL) and Désirée Goubert (ESR8, UMCG, NL) wrote together with EpiPredict outreach partner Biotecture a blog in the online publishing platform Medium.

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EpiPredict scientists discover novel mechanism behind underlying breast cancer hormone therapy resistance


An international team of researchers, including EpiPredict researchers, discovered a mechanism that makes a common type of breast cancer cells resistant to a specific form of hormone treatment. This was published online in Nature Genetics, 23 Jan 2017.

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First EpiPredict blog published in Medium 'From Lab bench to Bed'


Will Beckman (ESR3, UvA) together with EpiPredict Partner Organisation Biotecture wrote a blog in Medium, ‘From Lab bench to Bed, How understanding epigenetics could benefit breast cancer patients’.

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Systems epigenetics: towards precision cancer medicine

Conference, Amsterdam - NL, 27-30 November 2018

Systems epigenetics: towards precision cancer medicine conference

Amsterdam, NL, 27-30 November 2018



EpiPredict science cafe

Imperial College London - UK, 14 December 2017

Second EpiPredict Science Café

Imperial College London, UK, Thursday 14, December, 2017

Specific patient representatives will be invited for this meeting between the Early Stage Researchers and patients.